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Wild Flower Plants Currently Available

Individually priced



Flowering times approx


Common Toadflax

Linaria vulgaris

July - October



Primula veris

April and June


Fox and Cubs

Pilosella aurantiaca

June - September



Digitalis purpurea

June - July


Jacob's ladder

Polemonium caeruleum



Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis

May  - June


Musk Mallow

Malva moschata

July - August



Primula vulgaris



Ragged robin

Lychnis flos-cuculi

Damp soil

May - July


Red Campion

Silene dioica

Damp soil

May - October


Wild Majoram

Origanum vulgare

August - September



Geranium pratense

June - August


Please note that if you would like bulbs, plants and seeds planted .  The charge will be £30.00  for a burial and £15.00 for ashes

Payment will be on delivery at the Arbory Trust or

as arranged

Wild Flowers are available to order; please use the “Contact” page  or ring 01223 208529 to discuss your requirements.   Please note that the plants are suitable for the Arbory Trust .

Planting service available  if required.

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